Vocational Schools

Interested in getting into a new career fast?

Vocational and specific trade training is often the quickest path to employment in a broad selection of diverse professions.

If you are interested in getting started in a new career fast, you’ll appreciate the focused, no-nonsense education that these types of training centers offer.

These types of schools allow you to go from classroom to career much faster than the traditional college experience does.

Vocational Careers Profile
According to Vocational Biographies, the top vocational, trade and technical careers include:

• Building and Construction — Project architect, solar energy system designer, renovation contractor, landscaper and carpenter.

Small classroom with focused training• Crafts — Leather crafter, upholsterer, stained glass artist, and furniture maker.

• Drafting and Graphic Arts — graphic design artist, clothing designer, photographer, and web designer.

• Electricity and Electronics — Apprentice electrician, computer game developer, and electric line service.

• Metals and Materials — Geologist, welding, industrial engineer, plastics manufacturer, and mining lab technician.

• Power Mechanics — Auto mechanic, forklift mechanic, motorcycle mechanic and HVAC.

• Transportation — Avionics technician, ports worker, flight attendant and chauffeur.

• Services — Plumbing, garage door repair, roofing, locksmithing, siding and gutters.

Training and Degree Options
Technology has revolutionized the way candidates train for vocational careers. While the traditional campus-based programs still exist at community colleges and vocational schools, online programs are becoming much more prevalent.

And the technological component that accompanies distance learning programs is highly-sought after by employers in virtually every industry.

An air conditioning specialist repairing an AC unitKeep in mind that the more advanced the field, the more involved the training will be for potential candidates. And most industries offer a variety of professional certifications that will demonstrate your talent and commitment to best practices in your field.

You can earn a degree, diploma or completion certificate quickly and get started in your new career fast.

You can see a selection of the available degree options, program costs and class specifics.

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