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Gateway Community College

• Located in New Haven Connecticut, Gateway Community College was established on July 1, 1992.

• The then institution called the South Central Community college located in Long Wharf joined hands with the Greater New Haven state Technical College in North Haven. The now combined university counts itself in the twelve best community colleges of Connecticut.

• The university offers about 95 accredited degree and certificate program courses, which help in developing and enriching students.

• Some of the courses that are offered at the school include
1. Engineering technologies
2. Nursing
3. General studies
4. Business
5. Advanced studies
6. Humanities
7. Mathematics, science and chemistry
8. Social studies

• Within the campus, the students have an easy access to the library which includes a wide array of books on almost every subject. Not only this, but also there are cafeterias and early learning centers too which all aim at helping the students to develop in every field.

• Many student organizations are available on campus. Every student have a right to join the organization of his/her interest. A few of them are:

1. Art Club It helps the student to know the art world in a better manner and also to interact with those having common interests.
2. Black student Organization Those who have a keen interest in African culture joins hands together and works for their best.
3. Computer and Gaming Club those students who like computer programming or any other form of gaming are most suitable for this group.
4. Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Counseling Club - It aims at developing students as Alcohol and Drugs Rehabilitation Counselors.

These and many other interesting clubs are a part of the college.

• The college is also a member of the National Junior Athletic association (Region XXI). The college has two sports team for both men and women. The athletics programs aim at developing physical, mental and emotional facets of a student.

• Certified Student Leader program is another aspect at the college. This program aims at improving the leadership skills in the students to make them our next leaders. The program includes about 8 workshops which involve learning various aspects of good leadership like: time management, team building, leadership style and personality, conflict resolution, etc. The workshops end with quiz which then select students for the certificate.

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